Conference Events

A wide variety of events will be held for delegates, offering opportunities to build your networks by getting to know other delegates and corporate guests. These events include keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a Career Fair, social events, and numerous other networking opportunities.

Stay tuned for this year’s hospitality suite and gala evening theme.

At our 4th Annual Network of Empowered Women Conference, four businesses gave our delegates a challenge that their company was currently facing. Our delegates were broken into small groups to discuss and brainstorm solutions for the challenges that were presented. It was a great way for our delegates to gain some insight into the real working world as well as a benefit for the businesses to get a fresh perspective on their business.

Thank you to Beyond Vision, Alberta Apparel, Wild Tea Kombucha, and Creme De La Creme for participating!

Successful alumni, sponsors, and professionals will be sharing their wealth of advice and experience in discipline and non-discipline specific sessions. Delegates will be able to hear the inspirational stories of established professionals who are passionate about empowering students. To see a list of last year’s speakers click here.

The hospitality suite is a social night which takes place the first night of the conference and is a fun way to meet and get to know fellow delegates. Stay tuned for this year’s hospitality suite and gala evening theme! The gala evening takes place on the last night of the conference as a way to wrap-up and reflect on the experiences of the past couple days while celebrating the new friendships formed!

Click here to see this year’s tentative conference schedule!