CMA’s Kira Mitchelmore

The NEW team has confirmed the attendance of CMA’s Kira Mitchelmore at our 2013 Conference! See below for more information about Kira.

Kara Mitchelmore, MBA, FCMA
President and CEO, CMA Alberta

Kara Mitchelmore has led CMA Alberta since November 2010 but established her management expertise in other roles, including controller, strategic consultant, post-secondary instructor and program developer. Before assuming her current position, Kara was vice president of accreditation at CMA Alberta and acting president and CEO.

CMA Alberta is an integral partner of CMA Canada and is responsible for the training, accreditation and continuing professional development of more than 7,400 CMAs in Alberta.

Kara earned her CMA designation in Nova Scotia in 1999 and moved to Alberta to further realize her career aspirations. In 2003, she was nationally recognized by CMA Canada for successfully leading one of Canada’s top eyewear companies.

Kara is passionate about the CMA designation and displays it to all who might pass her on the road – her license plate reads: “CMA 4 Ever”.

Kara was awarded her MBA in 2009 and is currently pursuing a doctorate in business administration.